Tuesday, 29 July 2008

fake-a-gamo I-start my fake-a-gamo

British Summer turns to very warm these days, so I stop temporarily knitting my cardigan and start my fake-a-gamo. This bag is knitted by Debbie Bliss cathey which I bought in Peter Jones at 50% off!! This is the first time I knit by cotton. Cotton isn't like wool so elastic but Cathay is a very nice yarn to knit. I do like it a lot. Shame British weather won't allow me to knit many cotton clothes to wear here.
This bag is designed by some obssessed knitters( I really admire them to make such a nice job!! I wish someday I can be part of them!) If you're into this bag, please go to knitlit.
這個pattern有個很神奇的地方就是要用double wrap跟drop 11 stitches然後knit together!!
I learned something new this time. Which is double wrap and drop. I didn't firgure out this amazing part at the first time. The more frustration I get, the desirably I want to figure it out. It turned out I kept thinking of it the whole day yesterday. It made me so upset cause even I tried to looked at it thousand times I still didn't get it. ( I claimed it was all because of the hot weather!) Thank God I finally worked it out before 5! So I tried it on the train back home( I couldn't wait to take out my yarn to try but I couldn't!!)Anyway, it's always nice to work it out!
29/7 完成度 25%
29/7 complete fake-a-gamo 25%

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