Tuesday, 29 April 2008

shoulder warmer

先是來了場好多年不見的四月大雪,再來最近則是一直下雨april rain.
最近辦公室很通風...所以決定來打一件shoulder warmer..

Although it's already end of April. The weather in London isn't spring-like at all. We had a April snow which hasn't come for nearly a decade. There is continous April rain recently. Because I am still not used to the cold weather here. so I decide to knit myself a shoulder warmer.

這個作品讓我挫折很久..第一次打起打兩百多針的作品,驚覺stitch marker的重要性!!所以決定要來買stitch marker,找到clover的新段數記環可以像小鎖頭一樣,就不會掉!!超興奮!!

I already finished 2/3. This is the first time I stitch on over 200 stitches. I didn't realise how important stitch markers are until this project!! I struggles so much on stitch on.( Because I don't want to make a mistake from the very first beginning. so most of the time I was counting the 244 stitches and forget where I was.!!!)So I decide to buy some stitch markers. I found a new stitch markers from Clover which are like little locks which won't be loose so easily. so I am very excited about them! Besides, I learned how to decrease evenly. It is just a sentence on the pattern, but it is a big challenge for me!! I know the basic principle, but I didn't know how to make it. so I searched on line, refer my knitting books, ask Red, finally, I found the way... It has been 2 weeks, and I was short of yarn last weekend. It is not cheap to buy yarns in the UK, therefore ebay is always my first choice.

中間有打到stocking stitch,stocking 就是ㄧ排下針ㄧ排上針,有什麼難的..哀..但因為起針是雙排數..但我還是很單純的從下針開始打..所以..作品就會很獨一無二(因為打錯...><)不過我到蠻喜歡這意外的錯誤喔..剛好變成一個小圓邊...我想再下來很快了...希望很快就可以跟大家分享作品!!!

I made a mistake during this project. Talking about stocking stitches. Easy, 1 row of Knit, 1 row of Purl. But I was puzzled because I have to knit from the wrong side. I tried to figure out what it tried to say on the pattern, it didn't emphasize it means prul first and then knit. so I decided to knit first and then purl. Of curse I was wrong... that's why the project will be just one of the kind because of this mistake. I found I quite like this mistake cause it is just a little edge in the middle of my shoulder warmer.

I reckon it will be finished very soon. Hope I can share with you guys when finish!!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

如何平均減針,how to decrease evenly

我現在在打一個shoulder warmer,目前遇到的瓶頸是如何平均減針.找好久就是說k2tog.(knit 2 together or ssk) 但這個好像都不是我要的...後來居然找到這個網站,只要打入你要減的針數,就會跑出來減針的建議喔.像我現在打的244針,左右各留3針邊緣,所以意思就是238針要平均減掉28針,ㄟ那就要平均每8.5針減一針...><還好有這個網站....

I am knitting a shoulder warmer now. and the challenge is how to decrease evenly. Thank God I found this website to help. coz I don't know how to do it.
there are 244st. and 3st left at right and left sides. so there are 238st left to decrease 28st evenly. which means I have to decrease every 8.5 sts.=.=



Here are two possible ways to decrease stitches evenly across the row.
( knit 6, k2 tog) 28 times, end knit20 .
Notice that this method reduces sort of evenly, but the first decrease and last decreases may be different distances from the edge. Sometimes, depending on the number of stitches in the row, this "unbalanced" decrease happens to work out the same as the next increase. For many items, this a perfectly good method to calculate decreases.
Balanced space at edge.
Knit 3 , ( k2 tog, knit 7) 10times, ( k2 tog, knit6 ) 7times, ( k2 tog, knit 7) 10times, k2 tog, knit 3.
Notice this method is as symmetric as possible around the center stitch. It is a pain in the neck to calculate, but it prevents your sweater hem from shifting strangely to one side. Some people don't ever bother to do make sure their increases are balanced and work unbalanced increases even when it matters.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

完成啦!!Fashion cable knit bag

Picture from Micheal's-對照組 Picture from Ro-實驗組

This is it!! I spent so much time to look for the right yarn for it. Because the yarn is from the US so I couldn't find exactly the same yarn here. after I found the yarn, start looking for bag handles. It's so unbelieveable how expensive they are in the UL Even it's ugly it costs 6 pound. But I found some on ebay which is 10 pounds for 5 pairs. But the good news is I found a very nice and good quality one. I reckon I would use it after all( although it's not cheap..)

就是這個包!讓我找毛線就找很久了,因為是美國的pattern,所以那個毛線英國沒有賣..所以最後在john lewis買tensiony最接近的rowan big wool,之後找把手..英國的把手竹製的醜不垃圾也要6英鎊(大概四百塊台幣!)但是ebay可以買到五付六百塊.重點是我找到一個木頭的很美..所以應該會用那個!(當然也是很貴..)

I also found the ribbon. so..what do I need? now... I need time and I haven't realize some part of the pattern.


It is not an easy pattern for me but thank God I found someone who had made it before and she was so nice to explain the pattern for me. This is laso the first time I try to knit with 2 strands. I learned a lot by searching on internet.

這個包一開始要先打14排的stocking stitch(一排下針一排上針,我想應該是重複這樣七次)再來要換粗一點的針並且用兩股打...我不會啦....=.=所以現在要等善心人事出現教我打我才有辦法進行下一步了....@@

It is surprising fast after started yesterday. after 14 rows of stocking stitches it will be 6 times repeat the pattern I've finished 2.5 times.( Just used my yarn up!!! I can't wait to go home now again!!) I hope I can finish it before next week. then I can show it to my mom in law and she can help me how to do lining and handles with both 2 bags.

昨天開始打之後速度真是飛快~~14排stocking stitches之後就是六次重複12排的pattern兩天我已經打了兩次半(現在ㄧ顆毛球被我打光所以又是迫不及待的想要回家阿!!!) 希望下禮拜去找婆前可以打完,這樣我可以跟他現我的包!而且也可以依並把我的內裡跟提把縫好~~~


I realize how important a counter is. The first time I knitted the 14 rows of stocking stitches. I made a mistake(either 15row or 13row) so it ends up inside out. so undid it.. Maybe I do need one.
When you are in the middle of the pattern, you might find it seems something wrong. it's not so balanced. but keep knitting you'll find it will back to normal. This is what I found.


I don't know why the hole will become smaller everytime I redo it.( Does it only happen to me?) I was too eager to knit it even on the train so I couldn't help take it out to knit. But it wasn't easy to knit on the trian, especially when I need cable needle most of the time.


After a weekend. I nearly finished it. I started by a very short needle.(23cm) That's why I needed to sqeeze 79 stitches into them. so I found it's quite small. the width is about 34cm, the length is not long enough to fit in A4 size paper. so I decide to knit 1 more time of the pattern to make it bigger. I think it looks perfect size for me now. I realize how important to do gauge first now.

經過一個週末, 我終於快要完成啦!!由於剛開始我只有短針,所以我的79針必須跟擠大腸ㄧ樣縮在短針裡, 禮拜六收到長針後我就換了,但還是比預期的40cm少了很多...只有34cm左右,長度也不夠..所以我多縫了ㄧ次,現在可以勉強裝入a4,不過縫了內裡就不知道會怎樣,我感覺我是打的比較緊了些,所以我下ㄧ步要來拉拉樂,看能不能把寬度拉鬆一點, 不過現在的比例我很滿意...所以打東西前先確定gauge還是很重要的! 哀~~

I don't know will I make another one because it's quite difficult to knit!!Because of so many twisting, I wasn't sure if I knit it right or not. Only found when you looked back....but..it's too tired to undo it. I used 2 strands of yarn to knit it, so it's easy to split th eyarn if I undo it, which annoys me so much. Do I compromise now? Start to accept being not perfect??? I think I will look like a freak to carry a yarn bag under 30 degree sunlight!!!


I finished the last 14rows of the project!!! I hope I can finish the lining when we back to Stratford this weekend! I hope mom will not be too busy( Praying!!) and in this way, I can "SHOW" it off when I back to Taiwan next Month! But.. people say it's very hot there now.



Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Falling water scarf 流水圍巾

Finished but finally have time to take photo for the lovely scarf.這次用的毛線(超柔細 好摸又好打)拿到時真的是尖叫喔!

打了一些些 開打啦!

The very first thing to do after work is FINISH MY SCARF!!!
I didn't know what happened but I just couldn't finish it though. so I stopped knitting and think. It wouldn't be right if I continue it. so I looked back the pattern and realize I didn't need to knit the 16th row just make 4 gartner stitches to finish it. and that's it!!! Oh dear!! It took me ages to realize and it was the first time ever I undo so many times in the same section when knitting this scarf!!!
Finally finished!!! Will shape it today or this weekend! YA!!!


Material: Debbie bliss baby cashmerino, Liliac 3.5 balls
線材:debbie bliss baby camhmerino, liliac 3顆半

needle 3.5mm


So close....好事多磨-falling water

Finally...My dcarf-falling water is nearly done@
I thought It would only take me about 10days but it turned out to be a whole month!!

我的falling water圍巾終於要完成了...

The reason is I chose a very thin yarn so I looked for trouble my self. It supposed to be 20~25 rounds but mine is 41 rounds. and I don't know why I couldn't finish it even I am so close tonigt!! It is just 4 rows of knitting..why?why?why? what happened? and what the hell is wrong???
but I am too tired to think.. The only thing I can do now is sleep and continue tomorrow...


Think too much...想太多...

After conculting red with needles. I decide to buy cheap ones first.
I will invest CLOVER once I found what sized I use a lot.
I didn't wait till the audition finished last night but I still get the 34cm needles and 80cm circular needles.can't wait to get them now!!!

昨天才跟red請教有關工具的問題,想想.. 還是先買便宜的好了

Meet Wanchan- 跟光頭妹見面

I went to loop with Chan yesterday. It's good to meet friends with the same hobby.
I was caught by a meeting before leaving the company and got lost in Euston metro station. Plus Northern line is just like a forrest so I was late for 5 min when I arrived Angel station.

Northern line真像是迷宮,衝到Angel站已經遲到五分鐘了(但地鐵裡面我手機不通..=.=)

Although just a short meetup I had a great time!


New knitting needles-新棒針

I don't want to waste money but since I start knitting my dream bag, I found my 23cm needles are too short for 79 stitches. so my next goal==34cm...
This is not waste because I have to buy it for my dream bag...(Isn't it a perfect excuse?)


My poor yarn is squeezing on the short needles now...


I haven't had a chance to try CLOVER!! But compare to pony, bamboo needles are much much better for me.

Next Project- Bag again!-下一個目標-又是包

The coolest thing of this bag. it's called fake-A-gamo
I hope I can get the pattern soon!!

My first ever bag..昨天打好ㄧ個包

This is a simple version of my dream bag. I need to make the lining and sew the handle to finish it. So excited!!! This is a very easy bag to be knitted. I was chatting with a friend on MSN and knitting it and then..finished!!!


It made me realize how chunky it would be with 2 strands of DK yarn. and I also make 43 rows although I would like to make 51row but I didn't have enough yarn for cast off. but I think 51 row is a bit long.

但體驗到用兩股dk打也很有chunky感!另外我打了43針所以比原本的多ㄧ排花本來是打了51但發現線不夠cast off..只好作罷不過我也覺得51有點太長啦!

It should be a very good bag for tesco or lunch shopping bag!


P.S. the yarn was left-over from my first scarf! How amazing it's just about right!

Cast on

As a beginner. I always have problem about how to adjust the tension when knitting.


And I found when I cast on the yarn between two needles will getting longer and longer??!! I've tried to not pull so tight but it turned out to be quite loose at the first stitch. so I tried to purl it tighter it is difficult to make stitch in the second row! I do wish I know the secret of cast-on!!

我發現我cast on時兩根棒針中間的線常常越打越長,因為我發現拉不緊的時候,第一針就會空空的,所以我就會希望可以拉緊一點.但到底中間的眉角是什麼呢?

I undo 3 times when cast on 79 stitches for my dream bag today. The fist time is the yarn between two needles is too long. so I think maybe I could just made 50 stitches and use the yarn to make the remaining 29 stitches. but it was too tight..... The second time is I missed 1 stitch!!!!! I have thought of increasing stitch rather than undo but I don't want to ruin my bag at very first beginning

到現在還沒搞清楚,所以剛剛在打一個79針,就拆三遍!第一遍是因為中間的線剩太長,歐八喪個性的我就想說那我上50針多出來的線可以繞剩下的29針,但同時也發現太緊又用了5.5mm 的棒針打,所以要真的打第一排就很難打,第二遍打了打結果少一針..(是怎樣!!!)唉...我想明天再繼續好了..累了..........其實有想到用加針不要拆算了但龜毛的我就是希望不要一開始就用這種補救的....

What knitting inspires me...打毛線的啟示

I never realized how much knitting will change my life. But I do learn a lot after starting knitting. Take Yo for example. At first, I didn't know which way to yarn over, should I do it clock-wise or counter-clockwise? And the point is the yarn will change it position depends on the stich you've knitted.

如果硬要說打毛線改變我的一生是有點誇張,但我發現打毛線中也有很多人生的大道裡呢.像是我剛開始不會打YO-Yarn over,雖然道理就是多繞一圈增加stitch,也有人說就是把毛線拉到前方,但毛線會因為上針下針方向不一樣,打下針完,線會在後方,打完上針,線在前方,當你打完下針要再打下針,你就需要把線拉到前面(反時針喔),打下一個下針,線會自動的繞一圈打完上針線已經在前面了,下一針要是下針,就不需要動.理由跟上面一樣,打下一個下針,線會自動的繞一圈那打完下針要打上針,你必須多繞一圈否則只是拉到前面就跟1k1p一樣,多繞一圈才會有增加一個stitch的效果

I struggled a lot and learned by trial and error. It also remides me the very first beginning I didn't even know how to knit 1k1p, so I accidentally made YO then. and also I tried to turn over and of course it would not be right!


When knitting, you have to stop and check. if you just keep knitting you'll never know when you made a mistake. Suppose you found one, and then it's time to consider to keep knitting or redo!!My mom-in-law often just skips it and continue, but I can't. I will definetely undo it . so it's not easy to run for perfection!

This article just some thoughts. I am glad I have a wonderful husband. Most of the time he would like me to share with him. Unfortunately he can't understand what is knit, what is Purl. But even though. he's a perfect listener although most of the time he isn't sure what I am talking about. I am glad to know myself more through knitting. I think I am that kind of girl who will keep trying til I make it in everything.

這篇完全是在自言自語自己的心得,因為跟安迪分享他很開心,但他聽不懂我在那邊knit, purl個什麼....不過他是個好聽眾,雖然聽不懂但很努力參與...也透過打毛線對自己認識更多,我想我就是不會的東西就是要學會,這一點真的是不管是什麼事情都是一樣的態度(羞~)


We have strange weather recently in the UK. Sometimes warm, sometimes cold to death! Sometimes rainy sometimes sunny. Andy said it's very good for plants. Does it mean Spring is coming?

If it's cold, I can stay home knitting. but if it's a sunny day, it's shame I can't sit by the sofa to knit..... errr... I am so addicted to knitting.....



我最近...迷上打毛線...有點...打的太開心了...雖然我一直覺得自己跟英國在認識安迪前真是沒什麼關係,但其實我覺得在有些方面我真是適應得很好像是覺得我想要來學打毛線,學裁縫,動手煮料理....我的毛線球跟棒針跟第一本書是去年我婆聖誕節從英國寄到日本送我的,因為他知道我一直很想學,所以就在聖誕節的時候送給我但我很不爭氣的看書都學不會..我們兩個還上網看cast on,跟第一針knitting..老天爺阿~~沒辦法啦...我看不來之後安迪覺得我很可憐也跟著下海來玩,看著一個大男人被毛線纏身,我也覺得他好可憐...所以就等到四月我公婆到日本找我們玩時,親自交我...但..因為沒有繼續練習...下一次心血來潮時...忘了.....

第二次是剛來英國時,我又興沖沖的捧著棒針跟毛線要我婆教我,他對我真的是很有耐心ㄟ..這次我很快就pick up了.(大概內心有5%的記憶)然後我婆還特地帶我去毛線店買了純色的毛線給我玩,因為上次他送我的是長毛還混色..我是一整個看不懂阿!!但回到倫敦,因為又忘記練習..我又忘了............(我開始有罪惡感了..並覺得這輩子我應該都學不會了)




買了棒針之後就是開始看書,看了書就會開始想說,那我也想要買鉤針,也想要買輪針..所以目前還是處於克制自己不要太衝動的階段!!不過上禮拜我買鉤針了,因為我對於掉針這件事情已經到了很希望有個鉤針來幫忙的程度,是這樣的因為我沒鉤針,所以一開始就是拆!拆的技術不好就變成拆的很醜,重打又很緊,不過在只打上下針時,實在差別就不大,開始打蕾絲編法發現,有打YO(Yarn over)要拆就要很小心拆了喔!已經不是可以隨便開玩笑的了,後來一邊看書發現,可以用鉤針補救ㄟ,沒鉤針時,我的美甲組裡面有一個類似鉤針的工具(羞)但我從沒拿來挖指甲啦!!!所以其實還是很乾淨...但某一天,那個工具居然不見了!!!


這是我的第一組鉤針,買家還是英國ebay的bamboo-knitting and crochet centre,希望我也會跟棒針一樣玩得很愉快!

Regarding joining the yarns

I found it from internet. This is a not bad way to join the yarn, but the joint part will be thicker. Compare to the way I learned from Patons, It is quite similar, but the way Patons does is cut some part of your yarn(both sides) and join them together. the good side is the width is still the same but the bad side is I can't curl it back perfect. That's why I prefer russian join.


I learned another way to join is try to finish your yarn at the WS side.and then make a knot( right cross left, left cross right) which is not to bad.
我最近再梳上又學到另一種方法,原本的線最好是結束在背面,然後新的毛線跟舊的毛線要打結在一起(新的左邊線放在舊的右邊線) 這還不錯,之後在藏線頭

I can't say which is my favorite. Maybe you have to adjust depends on your project.