Tuesday, 5 August 2008

fake-a-gamo II

打第二個patter2在第一排25針之後cast off 3st.接下來再把後續的st打完
之後第二排打到cast off那邊後我就不知道何去何從了
所以我禮拜天到kingston的john lewis求救!
才知道cast off後只能先打一個半邊 沒辦法一起打

打半邊還要隔一牌要cast off
所以我只好自己重新把pattern做筆記!(oh dear~~)
還好john lewis的小姐說的對:不懂的時候看圖片,照片會說話
所以第15排最後原本是double wrap但不需要double wrap
第十六排就直接k就好 終於打好半邊!!終於!!!

現在要開始研究什麼是reverse stitch還有學到應該把pattern整個讀懂再開打,我常常做料理也是這樣,所以到一半就會遇到很多trouble. 我決定要改掉這個壞習慣!!

I spent most of my free time to work on fake-a-gamo
Because now is in the critical handle position, I encountered a very big challenge which I haven't met before.
I have to cast off 3 st. after 25st. and then continue the pattern. This is my first time to cast on in th emiddle of the project. So I knitted accordingly. after that I continued to knit hte 2nd row when I knit until where I just casted off. I didn't know where should I knit. If I countinue to knit over, the 2 parts between the handles will be knitted together, which isn't the result I want. So what the hell should I knit? I think I probably can knit the 3rd row and continue til the pattern2 finished. but I wasn't so sure. I decided to go to Kingston for help.
It was a rainy day. The weather wasn't so nice as my mood. I was frustrated about my bag. and I really wanted to know the answer. I couldn't sleep well because I was keeping thinking of a question which I didn't have answer. Thank God I met a very helpful lady who told me I should just forget the left side( Since I am working on the right side) continue my work at the right side and finish it and then it will be done. I was very happy I went and get the answer I wanted.

I came home to continue my knitting. Undoubtedly, I encountered more problems in the back. Thank God I remember what the lady told me. The picture will tell you the answer when you puzzle. SHE IS RIGHT. I made some mistake by knitting according to the pattern. so I look at the picture and hope it can tell me the direction. I revised it myself and it did look like what it should be.

The 15th row should be k5(double wrap), p19, k9(without double wrap-'cause you want to keep this for the edge of the handle)

Now I have to learn how to do reverse st. and knit the back now!

I found I have a very bad habit: I start knitting without reading the whole pattern. I am like this when I cook! This is not very good. That's why I stuck in the middle now and that's why I am used to in a caos when I cook. I promise I will discard this habit!


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ps.我星期四想去參加一個knitting group,
would you like to come too ?

IknitIlive said...

我也是剛好星期四要去一個新的ㄟ!是i knit嗎?near waterloo?