Wednesday, 13 August 2008

fake-a-gamo III 辛酸史-My nearly-done fake-a-gamo


Just as I thought, it will never be easy to knit this lovely bag; but when all the struggles came out, it still made me quite frustrated. It probably because I was so desperated to complete it, so I didn't even read through the whole pattern, just concentrated to knit it. I didn't realize I need to do some decrease on the 2nd pattern 2 to fit .so when I finished the 2nd pattern2, oh dear, the only thing I need to do it unknit it. ( This is the first time, and I learned a very good lesson- never start a project before I read it through the whole pattern.

要開始打接把手的地方因為中間要cast off
花很多時間研究出來之後 也累了
一直到晚上我覺得越看越不對勁到底哪邊怪怪的呀才發現(holly molly!!!)

It's interesting to cast off stitched in the middle of the row. It was also my first time ever to do this. It took me some time to realize it and after that, I felt so tired. so I carried my new yarn to start the 2nd part of the bag(the back side) I didn'[t know I was too nervous or I enjoyed the meetup too much. I spent the whole night but I didn't find I reverse the whole bag( Maybe I missed 1 row. Heavern knows!!) The oddest thing is I didn't find out even the next day on the train. Until that night, I just didn't understand why it didn't look right. so I took out the picture and check and then .....errr.....What an idiot I was...

昨天回家發現 我把我的織片留在公司
雖然打到最後cast off我已經累到腰酸背痛

I accidentally left my back side in the office. So I took out the front side and finished the right handle part. It is a little achievement when I finished the cast-off. Although I was exhausted then. I think my lovely fake-a-gamo will be done very soon.

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