Friday, 8 August 2008

I KNIT群編初體驗- Fist time to join I knit club

昨天是我第一次到waterloo的i knit 參加群編

It was my first time to join knitting meetup in IKNIT in waterloo. I've thought of going to this place for a long time but I didn't know why I never made up my mind to do so. It starts at 6 every Wed and Thu either in IKNIT or a pub close to IKNIT. (If you're interested in this, please click iknit. I arrived at 10 to 6, there were already some knitters chatting, knitting and chill out. The atmosphere was nice and people were very friendly. I am first time to join them but they were interested in what I was knitting and said fake-a-gamo looks like a very lovely bag.

所以基本上就像是個毛線咖啡店一樣 有茶有cider
打到沒毛線如果剛好有你要的毛線你也可以現場買 或是毛線工具
打到七點大家都累了所以開始有人翻起店裡的雜誌 隔壁的sue順手買了兩本雜誌
這裡的雜誌跟WHSmith最大的不同就是 沒有塑膠套封起來 所以可以翻了喜歡再買

It is a very relax place, you can go, join as long as you bring your yarn and needle. If you don't have one, you can also buy some at iknit. I like this lovely shop. you can order some drinks if you want. the best part of here is you can flip through all the magazine, not like WHSmith, the only thing you can see is the COVER.

第一次參加聚會 很多英國式笑話有聽沒有懂

This is my first time to join the meetup. I am sorry I didn't catch most of the British jokes. but I like the meetup so I will go still.


Skinheaded Princess said...

Sounds so interesting !
I wanna join the meeting too !
Are you going this week on Thursday ? I only work till 3pm!

IknitIlive said...

Which meetup did you go last Thu? I think I will go this Thu still. (I actually tried to call you last Thu but it turned into your vocie mail though.)

Skinheaded Princess said...

I was going to this one last week but something came up.. for sure I can go this time, see you there !