Friday, 5 September 2008

fake-a-gamo V-received my bag handle

昨天終於下定決心定了我的bag handles. 找來找去終於在pelennapatchworks找到
一對cane handle 3.5英鎊,其實比起john lewis已經便宜許多

Finally I made up my mind to order bag handles on pelennapatchworks. It is the cheapest I could find so far. One pair is GBP 3.5. The delievery is 1.5 within UK. If the oder is over15 will be free. I spent lots of time looking for straight handles. Most of them are in U shape or round or any knid of shapes except straight. It was very exciting when I finally found this at pelenapatchworks. They also sould lots of lovely fabric. I was quite tempting to order some from them.
I made my order yesterday around noon and got it today! So fast and nice package!
I hope I can finish my fake-a-gamo this weekend!!

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