Tuesday, 29 April 2008

shoulder warmer

先是來了場好多年不見的四月大雪,再來最近則是一直下雨april rain.
最近辦公室很通風...所以決定來打一件shoulder warmer..

Although it's already end of April. The weather in London isn't spring-like at all. We had a April snow which hasn't come for nearly a decade. There is continous April rain recently. Because I am still not used to the cold weather here. so I decide to knit myself a shoulder warmer.

這個作品讓我挫折很久..第一次打起打兩百多針的作品,驚覺stitch marker的重要性!!所以決定要來買stitch marker,找到clover的新段數記環可以像小鎖頭一樣,就不會掉!!超興奮!!

I already finished 2/3. This is the first time I stitch on over 200 stitches. I didn't realise how important stitch markers are until this project!! I struggles so much on stitch on.( Because I don't want to make a mistake from the very first beginning. so most of the time I was counting the 244 stitches and forget where I was.!!!)So I decide to buy some stitch markers. I found a new stitch markers from Clover which are like little locks which won't be loose so easily. so I am very excited about them! Besides, I learned how to decrease evenly. It is just a sentence on the pattern, but it is a big challenge for me!! I know the basic principle, but I didn't know how to make it. so I searched on line, refer my knitting books, ask Red, finally, I found the way... It has been 2 weeks, and I was short of yarn last weekend. It is not cheap to buy yarns in the UK, therefore ebay is always my first choice.

中間有打到stocking stitch,stocking 就是ㄧ排下針ㄧ排上針,有什麼難的..哀..但因為起針是雙排數..但我還是很單純的從下針開始打..所以..作品就會很獨一無二(因為打錯...><)不過我到蠻喜歡這意外的錯誤喔..剛好變成一個小圓邊...我想再下來很快了...希望很快就可以跟大家分享作品!!!

I made a mistake during this project. Talking about stocking stitches. Easy, 1 row of Knit, 1 row of Purl. But I was puzzled because I have to knit from the wrong side. I tried to figure out what it tried to say on the pattern, it didn't emphasize it means prul first and then knit. so I decided to knit first and then purl. Of curse I was wrong... that's why the project will be just one of the kind because of this mistake. I found I quite like this mistake cause it is just a little edge in the middle of my shoulder warmer.

I reckon it will be finished very soon. Hope I can share with you guys when finish!!


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