Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Cast on

As a beginner. I always have problem about how to adjust the tension when knitting.


And I found when I cast on the yarn between two needles will getting longer and longer??!! I've tried to not pull so tight but it turned out to be quite loose at the first stitch. so I tried to purl it tighter it is difficult to make stitch in the second row! I do wish I know the secret of cast-on!!

我發現我cast on時兩根棒針中間的線常常越打越長,因為我發現拉不緊的時候,第一針就會空空的,所以我就會希望可以拉緊一點.但到底中間的眉角是什麼呢?

I undo 3 times when cast on 79 stitches for my dream bag today. The fist time is the yarn between two needles is too long. so I think maybe I could just made 50 stitches and use the yarn to make the remaining 29 stitches. but it was too tight..... The second time is I missed 1 stitch!!!!! I have thought of increasing stitch rather than undo but I don't want to ruin my bag at very first beginning

到現在還沒搞清楚,所以剛剛在打一個79針,就拆三遍!第一遍是因為中間的線剩太長,歐八喪個性的我就想說那我上50針多出來的線可以繞剩下的29針,但同時也發現太緊又用了5.5mm 的棒針打,所以要真的打第一排就很難打,第二遍打了打結果少一針..(是怎樣!!!)唉...我想明天再繼續好了..累了..........其實有想到用加針不要拆算了但龜毛的我就是希望不要一開始就用這種補救的....

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