Tuesday, 22 April 2008

如何平均減針,how to decrease evenly

我現在在打一個shoulder warmer,目前遇到的瓶頸是如何平均減針.找好久就是說k2tog.(knit 2 together or ssk) 但這個好像都不是我要的...後來居然找到這個網站,只要打入你要減的針數,就會跑出來減針的建議喔.像我現在打的244針,左右各留3針邊緣,所以意思就是238針要平均減掉28針,ㄟ那就要平均每8.5針減一針...><還好有這個網站....

I am knitting a shoulder warmer now. and the challenge is how to decrease evenly. Thank God I found this website to help. coz I don't know how to do it.
there are 244st. and 3st left at right and left sides. so there are 238st left to decrease 28st evenly. which means I have to decrease every 8.5 sts.=.=



Here are two possible ways to decrease stitches evenly across the row.
( knit 6, k2 tog) 28 times, end knit20 .
Notice that this method reduces sort of evenly, but the first decrease and last decreases may be different distances from the edge. Sometimes, depending on the number of stitches in the row, this "unbalanced" decrease happens to work out the same as the next increase. For many items, this a perfectly good method to calculate decreases.
Balanced space at edge.
Knit 3 , ( k2 tog, knit 7) 10times, ( k2 tog, knit6 ) 7times, ( k2 tog, knit 7) 10times, k2 tog, knit 3.
Notice this method is as symmetric as possible around the center stitch. It is a pain in the neck to calculate, but it prevents your sweater hem from shifting strangely to one side. Some people don't ever bother to do make sure their increases are balanced and work unbalanced increases even when it matters.

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