Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Regarding joining the yarns

I found it from internet. This is a not bad way to join the yarn, but the joint part will be thicker. Compare to the way I learned from Patons, It is quite similar, but the way Patons does is cut some part of your yarn(both sides) and join them together. the good side is the width is still the same but the bad side is I can't curl it back perfect. That's why I prefer russian join.


I learned another way to join is try to finish your yarn at the WS side.and then make a knot( right cross left, left cross right) which is not to bad.
我最近再梳上又學到另一種方法,原本的線最好是結束在背面,然後新的毛線跟舊的毛線要打結在一起(新的左邊線放在舊的右邊線) 這還不錯,之後在藏線頭

I can't say which is my favorite. Maybe you have to adjust depends on your project.


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