Tuesday, 8 April 2008

My first ever bag..昨天打好ㄧ個包

This is a simple version of my dream bag. I need to make the lining and sew the handle to finish it. So excited!!! This is a very easy bag to be knitted. I was chatting with a friend on MSN and knitting it and then..finished!!!


It made me realize how chunky it would be with 2 strands of DK yarn. and I also make 43 rows although I would like to make 51row but I didn't have enough yarn for cast off. but I think 51 row is a bit long.

但體驗到用兩股dk打也很有chunky感!另外我打了43針所以比原本的多ㄧ排花本來是打了51但發現線不夠cast off..只好作罷不過我也覺得51有點太長啦!

It should be a very good bag for tesco or lunch shopping bag!


P.S. the yarn was left-over from my first scarf! How amazing it's just about right!

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